Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two More Months Till My Social Life Goes Extinct

All of you who know me in real life will probably know that I don't have a TV in my bedroom. And it's not because I believe in having quality sleep (or sleep at all) at night, but rather because my dad simply did not allow me to have one in the bedroom.

I used to think that it was because TVs emitted unhealthy (insert type- X? ultra violet? gamma? micro?) rays which were bad for you. But I was wrong! Apparently the no-TV rule was only applicable for my school-going days because we needed to STUDY.

So I've been needlessly without a TV in my room for the past 8 years! Wah lau eh.

But anyways, the truth is out. The possibilities are endless.

Went out with SF yesterday to get a second controller for her wii. Many of the shops had demonstrations of the Xbox Kinect. My eyes were open to stuff that I never gave a shit about before in the past because I could not have them. Spent the entire afternoon playing wii dance and it was hilarious fun.


All I need now is a TV, game console thing and a media player and I can say goodbye to my already non-existent social life! The only person I'll ever need to meet is LGG cos she is my BFF plus she gets a steady supply of movies and TV shows from Chris.

TV in room + media player + game console thing = extinct social life. Wah I better start meeting all my friends this year.

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