Sunday, January 1, 2012

And... It's 2012

Who woulda thunk we would have gotten here, but we have. Not going to talk about the usual "OMG time flies so fast!" because, yes, it does. And it always will.

I'm feeling.. hopeful. A sense of excitement of the unknown, and to be honest, I'm utterly surprised that I'm feeling this way. The start to the new year certainly didn't feel this way, with me sobbing into my pillow for 5 minutes after being woken up by everyone's cheers and toasts. (I was already in bed, drugged out by my meds and woke up thinking there were ducks in the house. It was all the honking la.)

So I think that was my last sob for 2011. A rather belated one seeing how it was already 2012, but whatever. Then again, I did sleep more than half the day away. Maybe that's why I'm in a chipper mood.

No idea what 2012 is going to bring, but there are some things I'd like to achieve in the year. New projects are always a good thing, although this (maybe false) sense of enthusiasm could be because it's the start of the new year. Haha. Am also tempted to start writing in a new blogspace (haha, new online real estate) but too lazy to think of a new online moniker.

So there. My first blog post of 2012. Happy New Year!

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