Sunday, September 2, 2012


Wow it's almost coming to the end of 2012 (and the world, if all the supposed Mayan and I-Ching prophecies are true). Yada yada yada, time flies and all that. Thanksgiving dinners are being planned. Christmas presents are being bought. Time to reflect.

It's been an interestingly uneventful year, the highlight of which was probably my dad's very successful 70th birthday bash. All the relatives flew in, and we had a blast. Passed out in front of the 100-something guests, and the extra wine from the event is supplying me with booze for the next couple pf months.

Next eventful thing would be a toss up between me changing jobs and my brother getting on Whatsapp. Lol.

Ah well. Uneventful is good, for now at least. Need to be more settled before embarking on anymore new adventures. Meanwhile, the plan is to enjoy the rest of the year, good book and glass of wine in hand.

Cin cin!

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