Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Would It Kill You Not To Kill Me?

To the young lady who decided she needed to smoke while walking to the bus stop: I don't really care if you want to inhale nicotine and tar-laced smoke that slowly cooks your lungs from the insides. But do it where other non smokers cannot breathe in all that second hand smoke lah.

Seriously, puff away all you want but at least do it in a place where people have a choice about where to walk and therefore are not forced to battle with that unending stinky cloud of dust particles, ash and CANCER.

Why do you have to smoke on the go? What's wrong with lighting up where every other civic minded smoker does - at allocated smoking points?

What if the person walking behind you was pregnant? Or asthmatic? Ever thought about that? Pfft probably not, otherwise you probably have waited to take a puff somewhere else.

Bah. So now not only did I have to endure walking behind you while on the way to the bus stop (since you did not let me overtake you when I tried to speed up), I now have stinky hair. Thanks hor.

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