Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting To Know.. Me

If 2012 was the year where I started to feel more grounded and settled, then 2013 would be the year I understand and know myself that much better.

The past four months have really taught me a lot about myself, and it's strange because there wasn't really any big drama or life changing event that happened. I just had more time to reflect, and really analyse why I felt the way I did about certain situations.

It's felt almost like I've been in an experiment of sorts. A happens and you get B reaction. Analyse why B happened. Consider alternative reaction C. X happens and you get Y reaction. Analyse why Y happened. Consider alternative reaction Z.


It's an on-going journey of self awareness and understanding, and not one that I can conquer overnight. But it's been insightful and rather puzzling at times, and I'm glad for it.


In other news. I really am loving my new mobile charger. No more worries about having your phond die on you!

Also, I need to get a new phone but am not sure which to get. Hmmm.

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