Monday, April 29, 2013

I Did It!

Heh I really should blog about the 61km ride that I did while the whole experience is still quite fresh in my mind and my muscles are still feeling sore.

A couple of months ago, the cycling babies decided to sign up for and take part in the OCBC Cycle 2013 event. There were a few different categories and we chose the Super Challenge- 59km. The distance of the route later got extended to 61km.

I borrowed a road bike for this event, since foldies were not allowed for the cateory. And barely took the roadie out for 2 rides before the actual event. Lol.

D and I decided to combine the ride with a staycation at a nearby hotel, so that we wouldn't need to wake up so early to reach the event.

It was my first time taking part in such an event, all in all I think there were a little more than a thousand people who signed up for the Super Challenge, and a total of over 10,000 participants overall.

There was a definite buzz in the air, and the sense of the cycling community coming together to take part in this event.

Gathered at the pen, waited to start, and off we went.

The route took us from the F1 pit up onto the expressway, and all the way to Changi and back. I lost CY and D and was riding at my own pace, following the general crowd.

I thought I had a decent speed and was making good time, and was quite chuffed when I was on the return lap. In fact, I was feeling rather pleased that my legs were holding up so well.

And then, I got to a giant signboard that said LAP 2 TURN RIGHT.


The downside to not reading any race info was that I had no idea that I needed to complete 2 loops. So what I thought was the halfway point was really just the quarter mark, and what I thought was close to the finish line, was actually the mid point.

*insert swear word of choice*

I toyed with the idea of turning left (FINISH), but I figured, I still had juice left and what's the point of not completing the distance? So I made my right turn, got back onto the expressway, and met the thousands of other cyclists that were doing the Challenge (42km) categoy.

Bleh. Now I had to jostle with the new crowd, which slowed me down at some points. But ah well, my aim was to complete, not compete. (Lol I just made that up.)

It was quite mentally exhausting having to be alert all the time. My legs held up surprisingly well, it was only my hands and arms that were getting sore. Riding with my body bent forward took some getting used to.

As we approached the Sheares Bridge, exhaustion got the better of me and I pushed my bike upslope instead of trying to ride up.

Got my ride timing today, and I completed the ride in 2 hrs 46 min. Hehe.

I have to say, them padded bike pants and the gel seat cover really saved my ass. My butt and ladybits did not hurt at all! *grin*

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