Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pink Dot 2013

I better write about my experience at Pink Dot 2013 while it's still fresh in my mind. Hehe.

Caught a movie with ACG in the afternoon. There was a Despicable Me marathon, and if you bought the add-on package with the tickets, you'd be able to purchase a pair of minion goggles to watch the 3D movie with. Hur hur.

So we decided to go for the marathon (also to celebrate his one month of being smoke-free) and head down to Pink Dot after.

DM and DM2 were hilarious, of course. I think they've got a winning formula with the minions, and having played Minion Rush for the past few weeks just made everything that much more enjoyable because you recognised elements from the game.

Finished at about 6 and took the train down to Clarke Quay where we walked over to Hong Lim Park. CH had been texting me about how hot it was but I did not expect so many people to be there!

It was definitely really hot and muggy, but the atmosphere was contagious. Met quite a few people there, and missed some, but all in all, I really loved the vibe.

We got in time to chit chat for a bit and soon the announcements were made to form the dot. I thought it was so clever how they booked a room at the Furama Hotel and placed a lighted heart at the window so that everyone would know where to look (so that's how they do it hehe).

Speeches were made, songs were sung, and soon we were counting down. I'd manage to snag some pink cellophane while chatting with YF (apparently a pink screen is not bright enough, need to use flashlight function one).

21,000 people were there to form the dot, which was amazing. There was more music after and we hung around for a bit, but soon left to go to Lau Par Sat to stuff face with satay and sambal sting ray. Yummeh.

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