Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Still Predictable

I called the optical shop today to order some contact lenses. I can't buy them off the rack because of something to do with the curvature of my eyeball (I think my eyeball is too flat), and shops don't usually stock the ones I need.

Me: I need to order some contact lenses. When is the soonest they can come in?
Optical Shop Guy: When are you traveling ah?

Lol. He certainly knows me well. Apparently I only order contact lenses right before I need to travel, and I always ask them if they can rush it.

Optical Shop Guy: I'll place the order for you, by next Tuesday they should be in. Anyway, I'll throw in a few extra pairs too.

Sweet! I used to always ask for extra pairs, especially if the orders were unable to come in on time for my trip. But now he pre-empted me and just offered them. Yay!

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