Sunday, April 27, 2014

London Calling

We are in London! I'm still in bed so excuse me if sentences don't string together very well. Hehe.

We took an Emirates flight from Singapore to Dubai, which stopped over at Colombo. It was a rather uneventful flight, although I have to say I had higher expections of the in-flight service (a smile is free!) and food. In-flight entertainment was excellent, and kept us entertained in between dozing off.

The transit at Dubai International Airport was also fairly painless. We had a salad and smoothie at Giraffe, one of the cafes in the airport. This made up for the meh meals we had on the plane (too salty- need to remember to book low-salt meals instead).

I found these tiny bottles of nutella there as well, which made me a really happy girl. Heehee.

Our flight from Dubai to London was also pretty good, and we managed to catch a couple of movies. We had better food and a more smiley cabin crew as well.

Landed in London and headed to the cafe to have a cup of coffee. Took the Picadilly Line to Covent Garden (actually the stop after, but I forgot what it's called), dumped our luggage at +3's BFF's office, and walked around.

I think we covered Covent Garden, Chinatown, Soho, Trafalgar Square.

Had a burger at Meatmarket at the Covent Garden Market which was so yummeh. Also had a pistachio gelato but I don't remember where we got it.

My first impressions of London- I like it. The buildings are beautiful, there's a certain buzz in the air of a city that is sure of itself and is not trying to impress. The weather is gorgeous as well, cool and clear blue skies (apparently I'm lucky).


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