Thursday, April 17, 2014

Updates, Updates (Random Stuff, Of Course)

I've been rather lax about updating this space, mostly because I usually start a post and then get distracted and subsequently forget about it. I have so many draft posts about this and that which I really should get round to completing.

Anyway, other than buying a house, the other major thing that's happening is our upcoming trip to London. Nine more days!

I have to admit, though, that in the mad excitement of buying our new place, we kind of "forgot" about our holiday. Which I guess is a good thing, because now I'm not obsessing about finding THE perfect B&B to stay in. Hehe.

But now that the countdown is in the single digits, I can definitely feel myself getting more and more excited about the trip. The sting of writing such a big cheque for the option to purchase our house has also somewhat subsided, and I'm feeling less stingy about how much money I want to bring. Lol.

I'm also excited to meet +3's BFF, whose place we will crashing at when we are there. With all his best buds all over the world, it's not so easy to get to meet all of them! (I need more international friends too!)

And the food! And the markets! And we are going to Edinburgh! And the Isle of Skye! We might even catch a musical!

Also in unrelated news, I baked a Lemon Poppy Seed cake yesterday. Unfortunately my first batch of cake batter was made using salt instead of sugar (never assume!) but luckily I had enough ingredients for a second batch. It was sosososo yummy. I also made a lemon glaze that made everything come together so well. Happiness!

And I'm going to be an aunt soon! Yes, I know I'm already an aunt to my brother's three beautiful children, but now my sister is expecting. Whee! Her due date is in early June, but I think I may only be able to visit in Jan next year.

As part of the baby shower, +3 and I sponsored an MMA cage for Baby Wei, as well as some matching apparel for her careee as an MMA superstar. Lol.

Mmm I think that's about it! Family is well, love life is going strong, work is good. I'm blessed and always so thankful for it. Now to enjoy the long weekend.


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