Thursday, November 27, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 5/30

I don't really talk much about my nanny, but just like the rest of my family, my nanny has been there since day 1.

Now that I'm not staying at home, having a home cooked meal by my nanny is always something to look forward to. She knows what my favourite foods are and happily prepares those few dishes whenever I'm back.

My nanny works hard to provide for her family back in the Philippines, always making sure she can send them a care package at least once a year. She also has a fondness for korean drama serials. Lol.

I'm thankful for my nanny, who took care of me since young and who has always  took care of us while we were growing up (and still does!), always watching over us, cooking the meals at home and upkeeping the house.

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