Thursday, November 27, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 6/30

Posted yesterday's thanksgiving a day late because I had crafted an entry and fell asleep halfway. Feeling tired because it's the peak period for me in the office.

It's easy to complain and moan about being overloaded at work (and I'm not saying I don't), but today I'll focus on the positives.

On days that I'm feeling whiny, I remind myself to be thankful for my job because at the very least, it helps to pay the bills. With the year end 13th month aws bonus coming in, that extra bit of dough will help defray some of the wedding costs.

I'm also thankful that no one bats an eye when you go for tea at 3pm. The food in the canteens are cheap and I have really been able to save quite a bit of money because of that.

Most recently, due to circunstances at work (our in house designer quit and the other designer is overloaded), I offered to do some simple web banners despite having zero technical skills in photoshop or illustrator.

Although I'm struggling with it (took me 2 days to do one banner), with +3's help, I'm picking up enough basics to cobble together a fairly decent web banner.

So yay to having a stable job!

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