Saturday, November 29, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving - 8/30

Today I am thankful for facials. I went for my first ever facial today (yeh, yeh my skincare habits are appalling) and oh-em-gee what have I been missing!

I was doing research online for "best facials in Singapore" and came across a few blog reviews for this place called Porcelain Face Spa. Sure, they looked like a sponsored campaign from 2012 but the reviews came with pictures, and it's hard to fake images of all the extracted gunk from your face.

Emailed them and was pleasantly surprised to get a well written reply asking about my skin condition and what objectives I had. After discussion with the lady via email, I booked myself for 2 trial sessions. One is an oxyrevive facial (to hydrate and good for first timers cos not pain) and the second was the extraction a week later. I also had a complimentary half an hour pick-me-up facial thrown in, which I will do the day before my wedding.

I arrive at the facial place and get changed and lie on the bed. The therapist is gentle and explains each step that she does. Cleansing, cleansing again, removing blackheads with a gluey gel thing stuck on to a paper and the oxyrevive thing which consisted of jet spraying oxygen and salt water (I think, wasn't really listening) on my face. She finished up by spraying some rose water mist, then a moisturising rose + chamomile mask while giving a shoulder massage. She ended the session by applying a soothing gel and aloe vera gel on my face, and topped up with sunscreen (which is very, very important).

I didn't care too much about the technical aspects about why they were doing what they were doing to my skin (short attention span and I tended to zone out when she was explaining stuff) but it felt so good.

My skin was visibly brighter and felt so much smoother! Amazing! No wonder people go for facials. Lol.

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