Sunday, April 17, 2016

Onesies, Dancing and Being A Supercoolmom

The little one is slightly more than 11 weeks old (11w3d to be exact) and already he is wearing onesies meant for 6 month old kids. Guess we have a tall boy here. Hehehe.

Some new discoveries this week- he prefers sleeping in bed with us, instead of alone in his crib, and he likes using this blue, towel-like blanket. He snores in his sleep too, and occasionally cries out as though he had a bad dream. I wonder what babies dream about?

We also discovered that he likes to dance! All that flailing about of his arms, is actually him dancing! So we'd dance about, and sing silly songs, and he would usually dance along with us. Happy times! 

This week, I met che and her one month old at Great World City. It was the first time I was bringing babyAC out all by myself, and while it was a little daunting initially, I am glad I did- it wasn't so bad. Sure I had to carry him in the ergobaby carrier (we haven't bought a stroller yet), and his diaper stuff in my backpack, but the overall load wasn't too unmanageable. 

Felt like a supercoolmom when I nursed him in the cafe too. Threw a muslin swaddle over my shoulder, popped my boob out, and nursed him. Easy peasy. 

BabyAC likes being out, and looks at his surroundings with such wide eyed (literally) wonder. The ergobaby does get quite hot, as you have him pressed against you, so it's important to take him out once in a while to cool him off. 

I've also concluded that too much fenugreek is probably the cause of my blocked ducts and his extremely bad gas. Things got much better after I stopped taking fenugreek (and in such large doses as well), and now I just take it only if I need a boost in my supply. 

Almost three months of motherhood, and it's something that I really enjoy. Sure there are the things that everyone talks about- being tired all time, having "no life", huge expenses etc, but frankly it's all worth it. Of course, I know that I'm extremely lucky to have all the help that I've got- from +3, my mom and my nanny, which really makes things so much more manageable.

It's so hard to imagine that a year ago, babyAC didn't exist yet and now here he is, snoring in bed next to me. *love* 

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