Saturday, April 23, 2016

Growing Into The Role Of Mama

It's a little over 12 weeks of being a mother, and I am glad to say that I have more confidence about caring for my little one now than I did when we first started this journey. I'm incredibly lucky to have my mom and nanny help me, and picked up many valuable tips about how to care for an infant. Small stuff that you don't really think about like making sure to clean their ears (so much gunk!) and neck folds, and that babies usually pee after they make a poop so just wait abit before changing the diaper. I've also learned that there no such thing as too much cuddling. 

BabyAC has become quite the efficient feeder, so he usually finishes feeding in about 5-7 minutes. He likes to be kept latches on for a little while more to comfort nurse, and I'm happy to hold him in my arms as well. 

He's definitely a morning baby, and we are starting to get lots of little smiles and toothless grins from him in the morning. He loves bathtime, and is a happy and content little one after. He has discovered how tasty his fingers are, and is constantly trying to shove them in his mouth, sometimes both hands at the same time! I'm not keen on giving him a pacifier, nor let him suck on his thumbs, so I try to pull his fingers out. 

I remember him kicking in my belly when listening to 80s aerobics music, specifically the 1988 (or was it 1987) Crystal Light Aerobics Championship music. First heard it in a Key & Peele sketch and now I play this song when babyAC starts to get a little bored and he just dances along by waving his arms and kicking his legs. 

In other news, our house is coming along! I spent this week going up and down so many times. We sold the fridge that came with our unit because it was bulky and made the kitchen feel cramped. It didn't fit in the storeroom, so we were lucky that we managed to sell it and get a smaller fridge instead. We also bought a dining table set and a TV console, which were delivered yesterday. Spent the afternoon mopping the place and it feels nicer now that the floors aren't so dusty.

The movers are moving our stuff from storage and I'm excited to be able to sleep on our big bed again. Hehehe these days I've been co-sleeping with babyAC on a single bed, and he takes up so much space since he loves sleeping with his arms sprawled wide open- just like his dad. 

So happy days! 2016 has been a year of exciting changes! 

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