Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Good Man

Woke up early last Saturday morning to the very sad and shocking news that my ex-boss, Santokh Singh, passed away at home on Friday night. He had dinner with his wife, watched the soccer match on TV while she was in the kitchen washing up, and when she came out, he had collapsed on the floor. 

SS was someone that everyone loved and respected. My last meeting with him was about a week before his heart attack, when I went to meet some ex-colleagues for lunch. He had heard that I was in the canteen with babyAC, and actually came down to say hi and chit chat. He really didn't have to come down to meet me, but that's just the kind of guy he was. Looking at babyAC, he commented that he thought my baby would be fat and chubby but his guess was completely off. 

Anyway, I'm glad I visited when I did, and managed to show him my baby. SS was so understanding when I tendered my resignation, and even tried to offer me a part-time position so that I would still have a bit of income (the reason I didn't accept was another matter). When I shared the news that I was expecting, he was so happy for me. 

I attended the wake with F and H, and it's just testament to what a loved and respected man SS was. The void deck and his home was full of people who knew him, from his ex-classmates to ex-colleagues, from old students to old friends. 

One week on and I chat with a few colleagues. Everyone misses him, and I do too, even though I've stopped working for a year. He was probably the best boss I've worked for, and am thankful for the time that I've known him. RIP. 

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