Monday, August 1, 2016

Splish Splash!

We took babyAC to the pool for the very first time on Saturday! Actually, we had wanted to bring him swimming a few weeks earlier when we got his swimmers, but he was congested and we didn't want to risk him getting even more sick. And then we had to take him for his vaccination, so didn't bring him till the weekend after his jabs....

Anyway, the yummies came over on Saturday for a swim-date and dinner. It was fun playing with the girls and taking babyAC into the deep pool where he could float around. He's definitely a water baby and didn't complain much- just a little bit initially cos the water was cold and he wasn't used to the float, but after a while he warmed up and was happily kicking away. 

He's now 6 months old and I really should be more diligent about starting him on solids. He's had pea puree, a bit of carrot (which he didn't like), and a bit of pumpkin (also not too keen on that). My ex-colleagues said I should give him fish porridge so I went to buy some threadfin and will try to prepare some for him this coming week. 

So far, +3 makes him laugh the most and loudest. It's always so much fun to see them together. Sometimes, I'll take a walk in the evening around the condo and wait at the platform overlooking the main road for when +3 gets back from work. To see the smiles on both of their faces when they see each other is just heartwarming. 

I think babyAC is going through a mild sleep regression, and has been waking up at 2-4am fussing. Thankfully, I am usually able to get him to go back to sleep by carrying him over my shoulder, but my poor back! Ah well, I'll gladly do this because I know that time flies too fast and soon he wouldn't want me to cuddle him to sleep. 

We had a little scare this afternoon. BabyAC was napping and woke up. He was lying in bed when suddenly he vomited onto the bed. After the first "batch" of milk came out, another came right up and because he was lying on his back I was so scared that he might choke on his vomit. I'm so glad I was lying next to him and that +3 was there as well- I quickly swooped him (the baby, not the husband hehe) up into my arms and over my shoulder. 

My immediate reaction was to bring him to the hospital, but he didn't seem to bothered after a little bit of fussing. We decided to stay home to monitor the situation, and thankfully he was feeling much better and didn't throw up any more after that. He even had a normal poop (not diarea). *phew* 

I know that we really are so super blessed that babyAC has been in good health and growing well.

Anyway, we are halfway through his first year, time really flies. It's been an amazing journey and I'm excited to see the kind of little boy he will grow up to be. Meanwhile, I'm just going to enjoy his cuddles and kisses. 

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