Monday, August 29, 2016

I've Become A Butt Sniffing Mom!

Before babyAC, I used to look at moms who sniffed their babies bottoms and wonder why in the world anyone would want to check for baby poo by smelling it. But of course now that I'm a mom, I've diacovered that it's way easier and faster to sniff a bum than find a clean place to lay the baby down, undo his onesie and then take a peek through the side of his diaper to see if he did a poo or not. 

I've become a butt sniffing mom. 

Ah well, such is life. 

The little has also peed on me twice this weekend, right before taking him into the shower, while I brush his teeth. He even had a cheeky smile when he did it today. Lol. 

Anyway, he is 7 months old now and can roll roll roll so we've gotta be really careful so he doesn't roll off our bed. He is also learning how to crawl, sometimws moving backwards instead of front. He can sit up unassisted, although he tends to plonk himself forward, or to the side if he is in his high chair.

He loves bananas, and I suspect it is because of all the bananas I ate during my pregnancy. Heehee. He is ok with most solids that I give him- pea puree, steamed carrots, steamed brocolli, pumpkin puree, rice porridge with spinach, avocado, blueberry, even greek yogurt (not a huge fan but he will eat sole of it). The one food he absolutely doesn't like? Sweet potato. I'm so sad! But more sweet potatoes for me instead. Hur hur. 

+3 is traveling to China for four days so we'll be staying at my parents' place during that timw. More hands to help me with babyAC. 

Mmm I'm sure there is more to say but it's 1am and I'm sleepy. Maybe more another time.. zzz. 

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