Wednesday, September 28, 2016

8 months!

Eeks time really flies. I have friends who delivered their babies after me who are already going back to work, and I cannot imagine how that must feel. I'm sososososososo thankful that I am able to stay home to look after babyAC. 

Anyway, a quick update. 

- We're trying sleep training and it takes him about half an hour to get to sleep. About 3 hours later, he wakes up once for a feeding, then manages to sleep for another 6 hours or so till the morning. He has another feed, and sleeps for another hour or two. 

- He can crawl forward now, but still not fully on his arms and legs. He'll put his head down, and scoot his legs forward, and his arms pushes him forward when he lifts his head. Heheh. However, his preferred mode of getting around is by "walking". He still can't balance himself, but he loves when we hold him up so he can "walk" around. His legs are constantly kicking too. 

- He loves his fruit, especially banana, papaya, and durian. Apple makes him poop so we feed him applesauce when he hasn't done a poo in a few days. He's ok with vegetables like carrots and brocoli, but I have to admit I've stopped making veg purees and just steam them. Sometimes when I eat yong tau fu, I may give him some of the cooked soy beans which he likes too. 

- It's time to shop around for a pre-school for when he turns 18 months. I'm still undecided at what age we want to put him in a pre-school, but probably somewhere between 18-24 months. The waitlists are long though, since there are so many young families around here. 

- Still no signs of any more teeth, but he is using the two little lower teeth to good use. He can bite off (scrape off, rather) little chunks of food, leaving little dents in whatever we feed him. It's quite cute. 

- The babbling! He now says bababa quite a lot, sometimes hababa. I'm still waiting for him to say mama. Hehehe. He's startes blowing raspberries again, so sometimes he'll start going ppfffbbbtttt and his face will be covered in saliva. 

Can't imagine that he has been outside of my belly for almost the same amount of time that he's been inside, and that's so amazing. I'm so blessed to have this wonderful family.  

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