Sunday, January 8, 2017


And a new year has begun, just like that. It doesn't feel any different, perhaps it's because I'm no longer in school and there is no new school term to look forward to. Maybe when babyAC is older, a new year will feel more like a new year. Hehe. 

We had dinner on NYE at the parent's place, with the usual family gang in tow. Didn't stay late to countdown because the little one had to sleep and it didn't make sense to take a cab back home after midnight just so we could all countdown together. 

Plus, it was our first countdown in our new home. We didn't really watch the clock, but as it struck midnight, our neighbours who were having countdown parties started to cheer and wish each other HAPPY NEW YEAR! from across our balconies, so +3 and I went to the balcony to cheer as well. As our unit faces inwards to the swimming pool, we didn't manage to see the fireworks, but some of our neighbours who were outward-facing got a pretty spectacular view. 

My brother and family arrived in Singapore on the 2nd and we spent time hanging out at our place. The kids loved the swimming pool and PS4 games and stayed overnight for one of the nights. Hehe. 

Met up with +3's cousin from HK and took them to Arab Street and had lunch at one of the malay stalls. It was nice to spend time with them, considering the last time we met was when we attended the funeral of their dad (+3's uncle). They got a really cute outfit for babyAC too, one which we will let him wear for CNY. 

HJ is in town and we are catching up this week. It's been a while since I last saw her and I'm excited to meet her third bub. 

We're celebrating babyAC's first birthday this month, and flying off to Indonesia for CNY. What  a busy start to 2017! 

For this year, I just hope that everyone is hapoy and healthy, and have faith that everything will fall into place. Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead. :)

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