Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Naptime (Not) and other stuff

I've got a lunch appointment in about 2 hours so trying to get babyAC to nap for a bit before we head out. Instead, he decides that he wants to practise this new skill he's picked up, and is happily tottering all over the place. 

Yes, the walking has begun.

He's managed to take 5-6 steps unaided, but gets excited and rushes it and then loses his balance. It's so cute though. 


In other news, my ex-boss bentoset died. He was only in his mid 40s. Apparently he had an asthma attack and did not survive. I went to the wake yesterday and was so heartbroken to sed his mom. How devastating this must be to her. 


On a positive note, 10 more days to our trip to Indonesia! I'm excited and looking forward to it, although I'm not quite sure how we will manage all the baby stuff. We'll figure something out. 

We're spending a couple of nights in Bandung, and my SIL kindly arranged to have a masseuse come over to give me and +3 a massage. She also arranged for her facial lady to come over to give me a facial. Hehehe looks like mama is gonna get pampered! 

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