Sunday, January 29, 2017

What A Champ!

Gong xi fa cai, everyone! 

We had a simple reunion dinner on the eve of CNY at the parents place, and mini birthday celebration for Aiden as well. To be honest, in the rush to pack and prepare for our Indonesia trip, we completely forgot to buy a birthday cake for him! Thankfully, one of our neighbours had gotten a marble cake for us for CNY, and we had brought it along with us for dinner. So the CNY cake (didn't even know that was a thing) did double duty as a birthday cake as well. Hehehe. 

Didn't stay too late as we had a morning flight the next day. Got back home, put Aiden to bed while +3 continued to pack our stuff. I think we only got to bed by 1am. 

Had to wake up early as we weren't sure how easy it would be to get a cab. Had a quick breakfast, showered and got ready to leave. It was still only 5+am and Aiden was still sleeping, so I changed him out of his pjs and he didn't wake up! Even managed to get him into the baby carrier while he slept. 

He woke up by the time we got to the airport. We collected our wifi router, checked our bags, and got some last minute gifts. The immigration officer noticed that it was his birthday and wished him happy birthday. How sweet :)

The plane ride went smoother than expected. It's freaking hard to nurse in a plane seat cos there's not much space. Gave him some dried apple to chew on as the plane took off, but later we managed to find a better position to nurse (thankfully there was an empty seat next to me) and he fell asleep soon. The air stewardess arranged the bassinet and we put him in to sleep so we could have breakfast. 

At one year old, he barely fit inside, with his head and feet touching the ends of the bassinet. I wonder how he'll manage when he is older. 

Had to take him out due to turbulent weather, but he continued to sleep on my shoulder and only waking up when it was almost time to descent. 

Landed in Bandung and we got the car to Vv's place. +3 and I took turns to nap while babyAC played around the house. He was super active, climbing and crawling on the sofa, and walking around the house if anyone was willing to hold his hands. He was in a good mood too, laughing and smiling at everyone. 

We dabaoed some batagor on the way from the airport and had that for a late breakfast/ early lunch. Headed to the train station to buy tickets and had some "Japanese" food at the station. 

By the time we boarded the train, I was really tired so took a nap while +3 played with babyAC. The rhythmic motion of the train moving along the tracks soon got him tired, and we shifted him to the baby carrier and he slept on my chest for the next 2 hours. 

When we finally got to tasikmalaya, my MIL was waiting for us. Headed back home and had a simple dinner, bathed the little one, and went to bed. We were initially worried that he might have nightmares or feel scared being in a new space, but nope, he's such a champ. Slept pretty well, waking only to nurse, and didn't fuss any more than usual. 

Feeling like a super proud mama bear now. :) 

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