Saturday, February 25, 2017


Seems like babyAC has a peanut allergy. Gave him a bit of peanut butter to taste and he broke out in itchy rashes all over his face and neck. Took him to the polyclinic (our regular doctor was on leave) and the doctor there said to avoid giving him peanuts or peanut products, and if we really wanted to try to introduce peanuts to him again, to wait till he was older (about 6 years or older). 

I really hope his allergy doesn't last a lifetime. 

In other news, babyAC walks quite steadily on hs own now. He still veers towards structures that he can support himself on, but otherwise can toddle along for quite a while without falling. My poor back! Being bent over while following him around isn't the best thing for my posture. 

He's still a poor eater, mostly taking oats for breakfast, and cerelac for lunch and dinner. He also eats bananas, a bit of bread, plain white rice, and apples. We keep offering him other foods but he takes a taste and decides he does not like it. *sigh* 

I've started looking for a full time job. We'll need the extra income when he starts going to school, so I thought it was better to kickstart the job hunt sooner than later. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can find one that I enjoy and pays well hehehe. 

We're also planning a holiday for March or April, but haven't quite decided where to go. Likely Hong Kong or Japan. And maybe a short trip back to my dad's hometown too. Hehe. 

Can't believe the little one is almost 13 months old and we're already at the end of Feb. I know I keep saying this but time really flies! 

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