Wednesday, March 1, 2017

13 Months and an Epiphany That's Really Just Common Sense

BabyAC hit the 13 month mark yesterday and "celebrated" by taking a small nibble from a piece of chicken at dinner! Woohoo! This may not seem like a big deal to most parents, but babyAC has been an extremely picky eater, and there are very few things he would eat. Oats and cerelac make up his three meals, and he would also eat bananas (his FAVE), apples (but a few nibbles), plain rice, rice rusks, rice puffs, and baby biscuits. Anything else that we try to feed him gets waved away, spat out, or even vomitted out. 

Ah well. As long as he is growing well (25-50 percentile for weight, he was 9kg at the 1year check; 50 percentile for height at 75.5cm; and 75 percentile for head circumference lol). He's really quite a healthy boy, and so far has only had a runny nose once when he was about 6-7 months old, and that bout of diarea when we came back from Indonesia over his first birthday and CNY. 

The boy loves to walk! Took him to meet some ex-colleagues for tea yesterday and he was running all over koufu. It was so cute to see how happy and friendly he was, smiling at everyone... until he got tired. Hehe. After that his sense of balance disappeared and he could only muster up a shy smile while being held in my arms. 

I had a good night's sleep last night, and I think babyAC slept through the night! I know I did (I think I did, anyway), from about 10-11pm all the way to 6.30am. Whee! Perhaps the boy did wake up and I was too zonked out to hear him, who knows. Hehehe. 

And when I woke up, I realised something that +3 had been telling me for the longest time that's really all a bit of common sense. If you don't use your phone right before bed, you'll sleep better! No distractions from sleep except a crying baby. Brilliant! 

It's a bad habit using your phone in bed, but one that I'm a little reluctant to break. The benefits of having a better night's sleep and minimising whatever harmful exposure to the phone definitely outweigh my desire of being in-the-know (latest news etc) though, so I'm gonna try to keep my phone away at night. (Actually, this shouldn't just be at night but most of the time.) 

Speaking of habits, a new thing that I want to try this year is speaking up more. It's easy to passively observe any situation and not react, but I tend to end up getting annoyed and wondering if I should have done something about it. 

Two recent examples of me speaking out- at the playground I saw a couple of boys pouring soapy water down the slide. Asked them what they did and why, and one of the boys glibly said they wanted to clean the slide. Ya right. So I said if you wanted to clean the slide, you should go get a tissue to wipe it dry otherwise if other people use the slide they'd get wet. Naturally the boys ran off and some other kid got wet, but I hope by speaking out they'd think twice about the consequences of their actions next time. 

The other example was when I was on the bus and this old man starting coughing without covering his mouth. Ugh. I passed him a tissue and asked him to cover his mouth while coughing (and was quite pleased with my approach), but HE ACTUALLY SAID NO NEED. And continued coughing! I was in shock and lucky for me my stop was coming up so I just left. But on hindsight I should have told him how unhygenic it was. 

In other news, my part-time gig has ended and I'm now looking for a full-time job. Praying that I will get one that's suitable for me, and there's one job that I've been eyeing (went for interview) and hoping that I will get. Positive thoughts! 

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