Monday, March 27, 2017

The Beginning Of A Long Week

Couple of days ago, I took babyAC to the playground at Marine Cove. My ex-colleague, F, needed some kids to be at the playground for a photoshoot. 

Marine Cove isn't a place I'd usually go to cos it's so out of the way, but it was nice to see how much the area had changed since the last time I was there (years and years ago!). The playground was huge and there were many eateries around. 

It was probably also the first time babyAC had the chance to interact with a kid his own age. The boy's a friendly one, not afraid of approaching other kids, and also not afraid of grabbing stuff he wants from their hands. In this case he saw the little girl eating a cookie and he grabbed it from her, stuffed it in his mouth and immediately spat it out. Need to teach him not to do that next time. Lol. 

Having to help F at the photoshoot also meant that I had to go buy some sunblock for babyAC. The sunblock will also be useful when we go to Hong Kong this April. 

Anyway, the day after the photoshoot I got a text from F asking me to monitor cos that little girl at the playground may have HFM. ARGH. And sure enough, babyAC was burning up with a fever last night (from 38.1 degreeC at 2am and hit a high of 40.4 degreeC sometime around 5 or 6am). 

Gave him some paracetamol when I discovered he was having a fever, and took him to the doctor in the morning who confirmed that there were ulcers at the back of his throat. Poor boy. 

So today (Sunday) was spent at home taking care of babyAC, who was incredibly cranky because he was in so much pain. We were given some ibuprofen which helped relieve some of his discomfort, but by the end of the day he was refusing even the boob, so we had to force him to drink some water by using a syrnge. 

It's the first time the boy has gotten so ill but you can really tell that he's such a trooper. When the meds kick in and he doesn't feel so bad, he'll totter around the living room and laugh when you make funny faces at him. And even though he doesn't like drinking water (so painful, I imagine), he allows you to comfort him afterward. 

All I can hope is that he gets well sooner than later and that this whole week ahead isn't going to be too terribly painful for him. 

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