Saturday, April 1, 2017

14 Months

Oh my, babyAC isnt a baby anymore is he, now that he is 14 months old and is toddling around the house. 

He spent his 14th month recovering from hand foot mouth disease that he got from that little girl he met at the photoshoot at Marine Cove. Poor boy had a fever for almost 3 days, and zero appetite during that time as well (the ulcers made it painful to eat). He lost so much weight during this time. :( 

Thankfully, by the fourth day he was nibbling on some bread, and by the fifth day he was taking more bread, spaghetti, mee sua and mango. Today (day 6), he ate oats and some fruit yogurt for breakfast, pasta for lunch, and ceral for dinner, while nibbling on marie biscuits and bread throughout the day. Yippie! 

At 14 months, he can understand some simple instructions. When I say, "Bring mama your book", he'll pick up the book that he left on the floor and bring it to me. When we say bye bye, he'll wave and when we ask him to blow a kiss, he'll put his hand to his mouth and make a muaks sound (but the hand doesn't leave his mouth, so no flying kisses for you!). 

He also comes to me with his stacking cups when he needs help prying them apart and he loves to chase me around the sofa when we play. 

He says "dah deh" when he sees his daddy, but still doesn't call me "mama". *patience* He's babbling quite a bit but still can't make out what he is trying to say. 

Oh and he loves to grab my hair when he's falling asleep. 

From what we can see, this is gonna be one cheeky and smart kid with a sense of humour and a strong character. Let's pray that we will be able to raise him as best we can. Hehe. 

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