Friday, August 29, 2008

Moving Moving.. And I'm Here

I've decided to move on to a blogspot account because the money-minded people on Livejournal are throwing ads left, right and centre; and it's downright annoying. So here I am, on blogspot, barely a month after I insisted that Livejournal was the better deal when asked. Of course, my reason was that it was better because I was on it, so now that's a moot point.

And I'm not sure if it's my computer / web browser, but loading Livejournal takes forever. Forever! Unless I'm viewing a paid account. But I'm not going to pay for anything, so my poor (free) basic account continues to take forever to load. Argh!

Livejournal, I'm going to miss you and your communities, but you suck. It's like loving your colleagues at work and the job you do, but working for a crappy organisation that doesn't give two hoots about you and whose only mission is to suck every single ounce of time and energy from you.


Anyway, here's to a new start on blogspot. My third blog since *counts* 2003! Woah, 5 years of rambling on the net. Links to the old blogs are on the right.


Yusnita said...

At the risk of sounding corny - yeah, put your bs up on BS!

One Happie Little Guppy said...

whahahhaha welcome to blogspot ...duh ofcourse blogspot is cooler...guppies use em :D