Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fasting Month

Ramadhan, or the Islamic fasting month, starts tomorrow. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch with my mil when she asked if I was prepared for it.

How does one prepare for fasting month? I think she means if I was mentally prepared for it, because I doubt there's anything physical I can do right now. And of course, we've got to pray that we'll be able to cope I guess.

I'm not too worried. Going to enjoy my last daytime meal in a month and not think too much. As long as one stays properly hydrated and watches food intake- not too much salty stuff or caffeine that can make you dehydrated.

Yikes. That means no red bull. I guess now's a good as any time to kick the addiction. Lol.

I'm more concerned about how I'm going to pass my time, and I half suspect I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the public library. After all, no food and drinks are allowed there.

Guppy's also asked if I was available to help temp for her, so I've got to check when my driving classes are and confirm whether we've got tickets to Kathmandu. We're on the waiting list so it's a rather nail-biting time, since the flight tickets from Kathmandu to Bhutan have already been paid for.

Oh well, I've got to find access to a computer. Blogging on the phone is all well and fine, but it's so limited, the things I can do. Need to check email and driving schedule, and I can't seem to load the BBDC website here.

Last day of August. How fast time flies!

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