Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yay! Blogging from my phone works!

I'm so bored, my laptop is at the service center and I'll only be able to get my baby back at the end of the week. The computer at home is spoilt, so I'm stuck with no access to the internet. Thankfully I've got my phone. Hehe.

Went to Mustafa today and finally bought the mix for gulab jamun. Mmm don't know when to make it though. Tempted to do it now! Lol.

I also got me a natural toothbrush, which is actually a twig that you're supposed to chew on till it's soft. Maybe I'll try it out later.

All I've got now are books that I've already read a million times before. Need to pop by the bookstore tomorrow to see if there's anything interesting.


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