Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anti Social Bunny In Nepal

This is just too funny not to blog about.
LGG and I were walking out of an Internet cafe at Pokhara, Nepal and was asked by the guy who worked at the cafe where we were from.
"Singapore? These guys *points* are from Singapore too!"
We turned around and saw these 2 guys looking at us, and instead of saying hi or even smiling, we continue walking off and I tell LGG (perhaps a tad too loudly), "I didn't come here to see Singaporeans. I can see 3 million of them when I go home what."


Ki said...

HAHAHAHAH, that's true though!

Oh, and the comments I made on earlier posts? I didn't check the tickybox that says to email any replies to my comments. So I won't know if you reply.

bunnygoeszen said...

Don't worry I'll reply. So it looks like lots of people are commenting (even though I didn't reply to other people who were commenting on other entries) hahaha.