Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where I Do Not Become A Qualified Driver

Sigh. Had my driving test yesterday and was actually feeling quite pleased and confident about the test. I didn't stall my engine, I didn't hit down any poles (or people!) and everything seemed to go very smoothly.

Unfortunately, what was smooth for me was not good enough for the tester who decided that I wasn't being safe enough. According to him, I failed to confirm safety while doing some of my parking courses, failed to check for blind spots- or rather, failed to check for blind spots correctly, and failed to keep a safe following distance while driving.

The total number of points I got was a staggering 28 points (argh!) - 10 over the number of points needed to pass the driving test.

Well, on the bright side, at least I had no immediate failures.

So now I've got to rebook my driving test (4 December is the magic date), rebook driving lessons, go speak to my instructor and find out what I'm doing wrong.

The thing that makes me rather rankled is that no one has pointed out that my checking of blind spot was wrong. In fact, the tester himself said, "I know you know to check blind spot, but you're not doing it right." I guess like my friends say, exaggerate the movements.

Let's hope I'm lucky the second time round! :)

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Ele said...

awww...maybe the tester is biased against female drivers just like any other man! ;p better luck 4 dec.