Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Money, Money, Money

One of the challenges that I spontaneously decided to try was to survive on a budget of about $120 a week. Ideally, this should cover all meals and beverages, any purchases (snacks etc) as well as transport costs if I did not use my ez-link card.

I asked around to see if this was doable (I've never been one to keep to a budget much) and the advise I got from most was to minimise going out, head back after work and just have dinner at home, and also cut down on taking cabs.

The idea popped in my head on Monday when I was in the office, and I had originally planned to have a cap of $100 a week. However, since I had already taken a cab to work that day, I added $20 to the weekly budget. I meticulously took down every single cash payment I made yesterday, headed home after work for dinner and made a tally. So far so good!

Monday 16 February 2009
Cab fare to work - $12.50
Lunch (mee siam) - $3.30
Kopi - $1.10
Single trip ticket (MRT) - $1.80
Daily Total - $18.70
Weekly Total - $18.70
Weekly Balance - $101.30

Sweet. Not too bad, I thought. Had breakfast at home on Tuesday and went to work, and to no one's surprise, totally forgot about my challenge. Hahahahaha. Had lunch with my colleagues and met up with Peggy in the evening after a quick jog at the gym.

Tuesday 17 February 2009
Lunch (Delifrance) - $10
Kopi - $1.10
Dinner (No5) - $24
Cab fare home - $16.20
Daily Total - $51.30
Weekly Total - $70.00
Weekly Balance - $50.00

$50 to last the rest of the week? Hehehe actually this is alot more than I had originally miscalculated when I was sleepily doing my sums at night. Somehow I managed to end up with only $31.30 to last till Sunday LOL. (Ahh, I took Monday's weekly balance and deducted Tuesday's weekly total.)

I do have a birthday dinner on Thursday with my colleagues and a movie on Friday with the Zorkians, though. So much for not making plans and heading home for dinner instead. Hmmm.

Anyway, my happy moments of 17022009:

- Heading to the gym for the first time this year and not collapsing after running 3.68km on the treadmill. I think I figured out a way to make jogging more enjoyable. Shall try it out the next time I go.
- Meeting up with Peggy for dinner and inheriting three books from her. Yippie!
- Coming home to find that mom bought a small table fan for me to place in the room so I don't get too hot at night. *love*

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