Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Wonder I'm Pooped

Woah it's been way too long since I last updated here, and I must say that it's because of a combination of being a busy bee and sheer laziness to log in and write. Work's been hectic and I've been going out almost every night, which means by the time I get back home I'm too tired to do much but stone.

- Had dinner with the ex-Zorkians at Jumbo last Tuesday. Yus, Adri, Trin, Pam and Sophie were there. Most of the conversation that evening was about Sophie's recent Bhutan trip, where the both of us just kept gushing on and on about how hot Bhutanese men are. Lol. The food was delicious, although I have to say I didn't seem to get my fill of chilli crab. We ordered chilli crab (twice!), cereal prawn, some scallop wrapped in yam thing, and sambal kang kong. The total bill didn't break the bank either, each of us ended up paying less than $30!

- Introduced Alfred to the wonderful world of Canele on Wednesday evening. I was working late and decided to try my luck and see if he was free to meet up for a late dinner. Don't know if he enjoyed the food much, but who cares as long as I did. Hehehehe. I had a salad (good), baked rice (not too bad, but I'd rather have the sandwiches or pasta next time) and of course, dessert (can't go wrong there!).

- Couldn't make it for the CNY gathering with my secondary school classmates at Mrs Wong's place because I was working late. By the time I left the office and made my way there, it would probably have been almost 9pm. I guess I could have tried to rush there by cab, but the thought of having to make my way back home after was quite tiring. Of course, I only realised after that Sengkang is not *that* far from the East- so even if I went there, going back home wouldn't have been such a chore. Too late though.

- Met up with the ex-Zorkians again at this chill out place called Overeasy on Friday. It's at One Fullerton and I have to say I haven't been in the area for the longest time. I was out of the office the entire day at some event, and was so busy that I didn't even have time to have any lunch. Was starving by the time I made my way to Overeasy, to a waiting Ching and LGG, and amused them by waving frantically at the waiter and asking him to bring me my food (all 3 orders) NOWNOWNOW. Food was alright, and spent most of the evening just catching up and chilling out.

- The cousins came over to Overeasy and I switched tables to join them. It was an early birthday celebration for cousin.SY and hung around Overeasy for a bit. Made our way to this dessert place at Holland Village after, I think it was called 2am. Nice place if you're hankering for something sweet after midnight- they serve desserts till 2am every day.

- Had yet another event on Saturday, which means I spent most of the first half of my weekend *gasp* working. Grabbed a cab back, and collapsed into bed from sheer exhaustion. (Only got home at 3am the night before and slept at almost 4am).

- Woke up to find that it was Sunday and decided to cancel on the ex-Zorkians who were planning to go to this place called KM8 or something at Sentosa. Made plans to meet cousin.SF at Marmalade Pantry and had a scrumptious brunch there. Food was a tad salty but the dessert was fantastic as usual (even though the orange pudding that we had didn't taste remotely orangey). Caught up on some personal issues and had a nice chat about being self-aware and reflections. She had to go for a chiropractor's appointment so I hung around Borders waiting for Alfred.

- Dragged poor limping Alfred to town to go shoe shopping (for him, not me!) because he needed to get shoes which had better sole support. Finally found a pair at Far East Plaza and then decided to catch a movie to kill some time before having dinner. Watched Bride Wars at Plaza Singapura (not bad) and made our way to the glass house for dinner at Fish & Co. Didn't realise there was a Thaipusam festival, which explained why the area was so so so so crowded. Managed to get a glimpse of the festival as they passed by.

- Left the office on the dot last night to meet Eunice for dinner. Her baby is growing so fast! Apparently your baby grows exponentially during the third trimester and I was surprised to see that her belly was so much bigger than the last time I saw her a couple of weeks ago. I had another meeting after dinner so couldn't stray too far from the office, and ended up eating at Olio Dome. Had a margherita pizza and lime juice with aloe vera. Delicious and satisfying.

- Met Summer after my meeting at AMK Hub and she drove us over to Bishan Park to chill at this little pub thing there. I was already stuffed from dinner and drinks from my meeting, so we just shared a plate of topshell and a basket of sotong balls. Finally got the Slumdog Millionaire movie from her (ahem, SweatshopOwner, you're lagging behind on my DVDs!) and had a nice catch up about her children. Can't believe the first time I met her son, he was taking his PSLE and now he's already a JC student! *feels old*


Wow, no wonder I had no time to update last week. I've been a busy busy bee. Well, don't ask me why I'm up at 4.30am and why I'm blogging instead of trying to get back to sleep. Hehehe. Time passes so fast and already we're almost halfway through the second month of the year!

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