Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Highlights Of My Trip

My trip, in point form:

- I think the fun starts the moment I land at the airport. I get in touch with the grasshopper and it's all a matter of timing to see if he can reach the airport at the same moment I step out. So far, I've always had to wait. Lol.

- Bacardi breezers for the drive back to the grasshopper's place. The boy needs to learn that 2 bottles will only last half of the trip back!

- Manicure, pedicure and hair spa at Salon Mousse with Karen. Aah, finally managed to meet up with her after 5 months. It was really nice to be able to speak Singlish to someone in India hahaha.

- Had a migraine at night. Grasshopper was tasked to find drugs to make me well again. Painkillers = love. Lol.

- Lunch with Karen again at UB City. Apparently it's a really atas
place. Grasshopper was learning how to use chopsticks. So cute.

- Watched 2012 at the cinema. They didn't sing the national anthem before! I felt cheated. Hehehe.

- Appam with sunny side up egg for dinner. Ohh it was yummy! Then off to that restaurant for Mishti Doi. Be still, my heart!

- Went to Tanu & Souby's place for drinks. The view from their balcony was really nice. Hung out till it was time to leave.

- Headed out at 3am. I slept most of the way in the car. Caught the sunrise along the way and stopped to take pictures. Sunrises are always beautiful.

- Arrived at Wild Haven at about 10am or so and had breakfast before taking a quick nap.

- Drove out to some river and dipped our feet (and more) in the icy cold water. How random it felt to have a chilled beer in the middle of a river in the middle of India.

- Went further out in the jungle to view wild animals. Saw nothing for the first hour, when suddenly we spotted wild boars. Then peacocks, deer and finally a wild elephant. It was awesome. We also saw bison and more elephants further up.

- Sat around a bonfire drinking. The weather was very, very cold and I was freezing and not feeling all that sociable. But the company was good and you can't go wrong with Jagermeister.

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