Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Mirror

Since coming back from my Krabi holiday, I've been having to pull late nights in the office almost every day. The weekend trips don't help, and I've had less time to complete the stuff I need to do. I'm not the only one doing OT, of course. Most of the time you'll find me, my teammate (need to think of a nickname for him but will call him Slutty for now lol) and my boss (Bento Set), the last ones working away in the office.

My office cubicle is one of three "corners". Slutty sits in the middle corner, I sit to his left and another colleague (Whiny.. and now renamed Sneaky) sits to his right. Which means Whiny/Sneaky and I sit diagonally across each other, back to back.

On late nights, Bento Set usually pops over to our litte corner, sits on Whiny/Sneaky's desk and we all turn abd face inward and just chit chat. It's these moments that I enjoy the most about working late- where we gossip and chatter on without having to worry about other colleagues hearing what we say.

One night, Bento Set went over to Whiny/Sneaky's desk as usual when he suddenly said, "Omg bon! You have to see this! Whiny/Sneaky can see your computer!!!"

Not sure what he was talking about, I get up and walk over and tells me to sit at her desk and look at the mirror. Sure enough, instead of my reflection staring back at me, I see the reflection of my computer screen perfectly.


So being the passive aggressive person that I am, I decided to change my wallpaper to one that said, "STOP STARING AT MY LAPTOP, BITCH!!!"

In reverse font. Wahahahahaha. (Thanks esdee!)

I eventually decided to remove the word "bitch" but that wallpaper made me quite happy for a couple of days.

Whiny/Sneaky also had this really annoying habit of talking LOUDLY on the phone, so loud that you could hear her clearly from the far end of the office. On a particularly inspired day, I changed my wallpaper to say, "IT'S NOT NECESSARY TO TALK SO LOUDLY ON THE PHONE".

Then of course, I realised that she probably couldn't see the messages when I was doing work, so I set both wallpapers as my screen saver. Hehehe. I can be sneaky too, eh?

Anyway, perhaps it's a coincidence. Perhaps my wallpaper and screen savers were a success. But Whiny/Sneaky now doesn't seem to talk so loudly on the phone anymore, and the mirror has been adjusted. Hehe. Small triumphs.

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