Thursday, March 21, 2013


So, the following have been confirmed:

- Day cycling in Malaysia over Good Friday with CH and her friends. My friends suck! Everyone is overseas during that long weekend, so I was unable to get anyone to go on this trip, while CH managed to get 6-7 people. Hmph.

- Perth from 3-7 April to attend Junie's wedding. Short trip but will try to catch up with the relatives and Jy while I'm there too.

- 27-29 April. Not quite an overseas trip, but more of a staycation with B while we take part in the OCBC Cycle on the 28th.

- Jakarta from 24-26 May to visit Irene. No idea why we decided to plan a trip, but plan a trip we did.

.. And I'm still wondering if I want to go to Phuket over the long National Day holiday in August (have 24 hours to decide, and pay). Fansipan and Wudangshan are still pending too!

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