Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Day My iPhone Battery Lasted One Full Day

Time to buy 4D and toto! My iPhone battery actually lasted one whole day. Without charging! I'm amazed, who would have thought it was possible?

Of course, I need to clarify that I barely took my phone out to use that day but still. It's quite amazing, since it's never actually happened to me before.

The day in question was an impromptu day at Sentosa on Sunday. Breakfast plans got thwarted when we got to the Vivocity at 9am and nothing was open. Since Sentosa was just right across the bridge, it made sense to just go there.

Something to note if you plan to have breakfast in Sentosa: don't. Only Toast Box was open and there was such a long queue. But then again, Vivocity was closed too so... (ok, nevermind.)

The new S.E.A. Acquarium was open so we decided to do the touristy thing and get tickets. Overall, I think there were some exhibits that were disappointing, but all was forgotten when we got to the jelly fish, sharks and manta exhibits. Makes me want to pick up diving again.

Had lunch then traipsed around Sentosa for a bit before heading back. Was pleasantly surprised to see that my iPhone battery was still pretty juiced up when I got on the train while making my way back home. Hehehe.

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