Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day!

It's my first mother's day heeheehee :)

Update on stuff- 

Our house is coming along really well. We got the keys 2 days before my delivery so we weren't able to do much since giving birth. There was very little to do in terms of renovation, just needed to install grilles, curtains, lights and check the place for defects. 

We managed to sell the fridge that came with the house and buy a smaller one that we put in the utility room. Got a TV console and dining table set from Picket & Rail, and a bookshelf from Muji. We headed to the baby fair and bought a stroller for babyAC, as well as one of those spongey playmat things so he can crawl around on the floor. 

We still need to get a sofa and sofa bed for the guest room and arrange to move babyAC's stuff as well but all that should be settled in the next couple of weeks. 

BabyAC has started "chatting" a lot more. He actually spent the whole morning yesterday babbling to himself while lying in his crib looking up at the mobile. He has better head control as well, and doesn't cry too much when he is hungry since he has discovered putting his fingers in his mouth. 

He smiles and laughs more these days as well, but is still mostly quite a serious baby. I think he will be the type that would appreciate dry humour next time. Heheh. 

So +3 and I are planning to have a nice family brunch at a cafe near our new place and dabao food for dinner at home. Happy Mother's Day!

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