Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Babbling!

Oh my! I posted the last entry and totally forgot to write about how babyAC babbles so much these days. 

Aiyo it's so cute. He is especially chatty and smiley in the morning. He's been making cute little squeaks and squeals for a while, but I think there was one morning when +3 was storytelling with babyAC. He was narrating a walk in the jungle and encountering a big tiger, and how babyAC was a Brave Boy and didn't run away (or something like that) and after that storytelling session, he was babbling a lot more. Hehehe. 

He is also getting stronger. He is able to thrust his hips up when lying flat on his back, and hold his head up when lying on his chest while I am holding him. He pushes up with his legs and he very happy to stand and sit supported. 

We were supposed to go for his next round of vaccinations in early May, but the appointment happened to be in the one week that I was working all 5 days. I could have taken the day off to take him to the clinic, but I wasn't comfortable not being around if the vaccination led to any fever or the sort. So the next available appointment at the polyclinic is in early June and hopefully it all goes smoothly. 

Alrighty, back to bed now. 

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