Thursday, November 17, 2016

9.5 Months and Other Updates

Quick update on the little one. His fourth, fifth and sixth teeth are coming out!

He can also walk if he's got something to hold on to for support, and currently we've only let him stand up on his own if he is in the crib or playpen (or if we are holding on to him).

He is getting better at taking solids, and quite enjoys his rice cereals. He still loves bananas and will open his mouth wide to chomp off a bite.

My brother came to town last weekend to attend KH's wedding. +3 was away on a business trip to China so I was staying with my parents for a couple of days, but went back home to wait for my brother after he arrived late Thursday night (Friday morning).

KH picked him up from the airport and he met up with the guys for a bit before heading to my place. And he came with prata and teh tarek! Had a quick chat while I stuffed my face and went to bed after.

Went to the parents place on Friday to kill time before we had dinner with the relatives. Went to the mall and walked around, and had a nice catch up. +3 joined us after he arrived from his trip.

Sat was KH's wedding so we didn't do much with my brother. It was a morning reception and he came back in the afternoon and we headed to Ah Dong tea house by the river for dinner. Took a night stroll along the river after.

My brother was flying back on Sunday so we went to the parents place early morning for brekkie and then off to the airport he went.

I love that babyAC really enjoyed playing with my brother and I love that they seemed to have a good time together. Makes me miss that my siblings are all on different continents. But that's how it is.

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