Sunday, November 6, 2016

Midnight Movie Binging

Oooh what a night! Came over to my parent's place for dinner. Mom was out for her line dancing class, and we weren't particularly hungry, so everyone decided to wait till she came back so we could eat together. Had dinner at almost 8pm, and as usual, watched some TV at the same time. 

The Omen was showing, so we stayed a little later than usual to finish watching the movie, while my nanny helped to take care of babyAC (yay!). According to my dad, the original movie was much better than the one we watched.

The next movie that was showing on TV was Nightcrawler. It had a pretty good rating on IMDB so I asked +3 if we could stay a bit later to watch the movie. The baby was sleeping so we continued watching the show. 

It was quite enjoyable, but by the time it ended, it was close to midnight so my dad suggested that we stay the night. Since we weren't going anywhere, dad and I channel surfed (the next movie showing was The Arena, which was apparently really crappy), and watched some Hong Kong movie called Curry & Pepper. Turns out it's an action comedy type show with Stephen Chow and Jacky Cheung. 

Three movies in one night! Plus we watched Spirited Away and Totoro at home in the morning. Wah that's FIVE movies. What a treat! 

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