Thursday, November 24, 2016

Feeling Blessed

The little one is almost 10 months old! Oh my, how time flies huh. He's a really great kid, who is ready to give a happy shriek when he sees his daddy (he's actually said baba, dada, papa), gong gong, lola and nanny.

Was reading on facebook about how one of my gf's kid is sick. It's inevitable once the kid starts going to childcare, since they are faced with so many other kids with all kinds of germs passing from one to the other. With the limited exposure babyAC is getting, since he isn't in any pre-school yet, his health has been pretty good. We're blessed.

He's started sounding words, and I think he's trying to say "apple". It sounds more like eh-ba though. Still waiting for him to say mama.

And we've gotten his passport done! He was a champ and nailed the passport photo on the first try. Handsome boy la. So we're ready to go for our first trip to Indonesia on his birthday. (Maybe we can squeeze in a short getaway this year? *looks at +3*)

I'm also quite pleased that he doesn't have a million, billion toys. He's got a rabbit rattle, a stuffed dinosaur (or is it a dragon), a dragon hand puppet, a set of stacking cups, those shape sorting blocks, a "piano" thing that was part of a play gym from when he was smaller, a handphone, and a toy walkman which plays different tunes when you press the buttons. Oh and a few bath toys as well.

Ok it sounds more than I imagined but I know parents who buy a lot more stuff. Plus I think these toys will last for quite a while, and we don't buy stuff that often anyway. I prefer buying books instead, and the little one has a few that he likes: The Very Hungry Caterpillar as well as The Gruffalo.

I think I've gotten his schedule figured out too. He wakes up at about 7ish, when +3 is about to go to work. So sometimes we laze in bed, or sometimes we send daddy to the door. Sometimes he wakes at 6ish for a feed, and I try to get him to sleep for another hour or so. These days he's been waking up at about 8am.

We then have breakfast, and I'll have some oats and he will have his cereal. I give him a slice of toast to chew on occasionally but he usually likes squishing it in his hands instead. Then we lie in bed reading, or I'll put him in his playpen while I do some laundry. We play for an hour or two, and he is ready for nap by 9ish.

On good days he sleeps for 2 hours, but it's usually an hour or hour and a half. Wake up, and play some more, walking around in his crib or crawling in bed or on the playmat in his room. If nanny comes over, she usually bathes him (otherwise I just bathe him at night).

I prepare lunch, and depending on how tired he is, we usually play or walk around the house, or read more books, or sometimes watch youtube videos (exercise while babywearing!) till it's time for nap. His afternoon naptime ranges from 1ish to 3ish, but usually he is out by 2pm.

In the afternoon, I prepare dinner and then we play in his room or in bed. Sometimes I'll take a walk downstairs with him in my carrier. Or if I'm not too lazy I take him out to the shops. Usually if I go out, I'll make plans to meet +3 after work so we can have dinner outside.

After dinner, +3 spends some time playing with babyAC and then we get him ready for his evening bath at about 8ish. I shower with him, +3 gets him ready and dressed in his pajamas, and then when I'm done with my shower, I feed him and get him to sleep. If he's still not too tired, we let him play till he gets abit cranky (tired) and then get him to sleep. Usually he's out by 9ish, sometimes 10ish.

He still doesn't sleep through the night and tends to wake for feeding at about midnight, 2ish and 6ish. Frankly, I'm so super glad I'm not working so I'm able to be there for him all the time.

Anyway, I can't imagine that this time last year I was wobbling around with a big belly. The little one isn't that little anymore and hopefully our family of three will be blessed to be a family of four (or five?).

No, not pregnant yet though. Praying, praying. Hehehe.

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