Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Two Years!

It's drawing to the end of the year, and since +3 hadn't taken any annual leave yet, he decided to take this entire week off. Whee! 

Took the parents out on Monday. My dad wanted to eat some wonton mee that was famous in Balestier a long, long time ago (which is now run by the daughter of the old couple that  used to sell it). Made our way to Balestier for lunch, and found the stall in the food court of one of the new malls there. 

I didn't try the noodles, but the old man was happy so objective achieved. 

Booked tickets to see Lulu the Movie, but the show was in the evening so we all went back home to rest first. Nanny babysat babyAC while +3 and I had a double date with the parents. 

Dinner at Dian Xiao Er is always enjoyable. I think I only started eating duck more cos of Dian Xiao Er. Heheh. Went to the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed the movie! 

Me to papa: 不错哦! (Not bad huh)
Papa: 很好看! (Very good to watch!) 

Thumbs up from everyone. 

Had a quick McDonalds "supper" (Papa: I don't mind having McDonalds) and went back home. 

It was our 2nd wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We had initially planned to have dinner at The Halia at Raffles Hotel but they were not replying my emails on making reservations, so we decided to go to Lawry's for lunch instead. 

Lawry's is another place that we know we will enjoy, and this meal was made even happier because we brought babyAC with us. Even though he's too young to eat the prime rib, he had fun charming the wait staff with his ready grin and infectious laugh. 

A quick trip to Kinokuniya and Spotlight, where +3 offered to buy me anything I wanted in Spotlight for my Christmas present. "Anything" is a dangerous term to throw around when offering to buy something for someone! 

Thankfully I'm not evil and didn't really need or want anything. 

Today (Wednesday) is 冬至 (winter solstice). We spent a lazy day at home, before heading to the parents' place for dinner and tang yuan. 

A few more days of our "holiday" left! 

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