Sunday, December 4, 2016

Is This The Beginning Of Sleeping Through The Night?

The little one slept from 10+pm all the way to 5am! Do I dare hope that this is the beginning of sleeping through the night?

We removed one side of his crib yesterday, and pushed the crib to my side of the bed since he still needs support to stand up and can't walk around on his own yet. This was done because we wanted him to learn to sleep in his own bed, but he didn't seem to like sleeping in the crib when it had all four sides up.

With this new set up, he could pull himself up to stand easily, yet didn't feel caged in so was quite happy to be in his crib and playing with his toys or standing up supporting himself on our bed (since his mattress was lower than ours).


And.... it's already December! Omg. The little one is already 10 months old and soon we'll be taking him on his first flight to Indonesia. How exciting. We wanted to plan a quick December getaway but since it was such a last minute idea, everything was too expensive so it didn't make sense to spend so much for just a few days.

We'll probably go around locally with the parents (grandparents) to eat and play tourist hehehe.

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