Monday, December 12, 2016

Conversations With The Dad

This afternoon, my dad decided to tell me about how lousy Chinese made movies are. 没有水准 (no standard), he says. 

A recent movie he watched was about a husband and wife. The wife was a CEO of a big company, and the husband had to go overseas for a work trip for a month. Apparently that was a long time to be apart and the wife was feeling frisky, and so asked her husband whether she could get a sex toy. The husband agreed and apparently her office got wind of her buying a sex toy and it caused some scandal or something. 

Dad: Haiya one month only, cannot wait meh? 
Me: Maybe they do it few times every day, then one month feels like very long lor. 
Dad: Some couples few days, few weeks, few months never do lor. 
Me: Different couples different mah. (Why are we having this conversation?) 
Dad: Shows that her mind cannot control. Haiya. 
Me: Huh?
Dad: Anyway if she is lonely no need to buy sex toy mah. If need to satisfy, just go to her bedroom and day dream lor. 

Yup. There you go. The conversations I have with my dad. 

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