Friday, December 16, 2016

Scaling The Great Wall That Is Our Bed

We've removed one side of babyAC's crib and moved his crib next to my side of the bed. BabyAC likes this arrangement, I guess cos it doesn't make him feel like he's all caged in. So he sleeps in his crib now, and it's easy for me to reach over and pick him up if he needs to nurse (yay almost making it to a year!) at night or has nightmares. 

These couple of days, though, the little one has discovered the fine art of climbing. He's figured out how to climb onto our bed from his crib and now we've got to teach him how to climb back down safely. 

Tonight, he woke up and decided to wake me up by climbing on top of me. Thankfully I managed to hold on to him before he lost his balance and tumbled back down to his crib. 

The boy is growing up so fast! 

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