Monday, September 1, 2008

I Miss My Laptop And Why Procrastination Is A Bad Thing (In Some Cases)

It's only been slightly over 2 days and I'm feeling the withdrawal symptoms of not having my laptop with me. It may sound silly but those who know me well will understand how attached I am to my laptop and how addicted I am to being online.

Anyway, one good thing about my laptop being away is that I've discovered that I do not need to constantly connect my phone to the wifi at home, as long as I've not connected to some other network elsewhere. And interestingly, the wifi connection on the phone seems more stable and stronger now that I'm not constantly logging in.

Went to check out some desks to put in my bedroom. The Hubby and I finally decided on one which matches the rest of the furniture in the room and seems to be of the right size- not too big and not too small.

The problem is, now that it's fasting month, it'll probably be even more of a hassle shifting furniture around. Imagine stirring up all that dust and not being able to have a drink of water to clear your throat. But it'd be nice to have everything settled before Hari Raya comes.

I also used my 'natural toothbrush' today! I unwrapped it from the vacuum sealed packaging and was suprised to find that the stick wasn't as hard and dry as I had imagined.

The outer bark was easy enough to shave off with a penknife- much easier than using a penknife to sharpen a wooden pencil. Following the instructions, I removed about half an inch (or maybe slightly more) of the bark from the tip, washed it thouroughly and chewed it to soften the fibres.

It was exactly how one would imagine chewing on a twig- woody with bits of wood chips flaking off in your mouth. I spat them out and rinsed my mouth, of course.

Seemed like the outer fibres were the bits chipping off, revealing softer 'bristles' inside that I used to brush my teeth. It was soft enough not to harm my gums, and my teeth felt clean enough after, but it was obviously hard to clean the back of my teeth.

My verdict? It's really OK but not something I'd care to use long term. I'm not sure if you can re-use the brush or if you'll have to keep trimming it, but I reckon for hygeine purposes it'd be better to trim it. Doubt a stick can last more than 5 trimmings though. I'll stick with my handy electric toothbrush. (Haha, 'stick', geddit?)

Got to wake up at 4ish to help prepare breakfast. Don't think I really want to eat much but let's see how it goes. I've already had about a litre of water in the evening, and I'm hoping I can down another litre in the morning. Hydration hydration hydration!

Alright, shall ramble on tomorrow. Bedtime.

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