Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Gotta love my friends. It's about 5 weeks to the Tibet trip and recently when I told Chui Hua and Claire about it, they grilled me on how well prepared I was.

'Base camp is no joke!' was a phrase that was repeated many, many times during that chat. They gave me plenty of advice on what I needed to bring (warm windproof clothes, chocolate bars for energy etc etc) and how much training I needed to do (run up a 20 storey flat ten times!).

Knowing that I'd probably just nod and agree and slack off, the girls have now made plans to train with me. *heart* On top of the Japanese dinner at Claire's favourite restaurant, and on top of the let's get Chui Hua drunk session, we're going to walk along the Southern Ridges- all 15km or so of it.

How hard can it be? As long as you have good company, a 4 hour walk is really nothing. Hehehe.

Well, now to make sure I have enough clothes to keep me warm in -15degree weather.

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