Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Has iPhone4!

The grasshopper bought the iPhone4 for me today!!! Well, technically I bought it and he's going to reimburse me, but whatever. Same, same!


I decided to sign up for a phone line with m1 and here's why. While I've able to get more value for my buck with a pre-paid sim card, my usage has changed somewhat since meeting the grasshopper.

Firstly, international calls will now be free thanks to Skype. Having it on both our phones means that all we need to do is be logged on all the time and we can call each other anytime.

Second, applications like Whatsapp will allow me to SMS other iPhone users with the same application, for free! Of course, if you don't have an iPhone or if you don't have the Whatsapp application, then I'll have to stick to old fashioned SMSes.

Thirdly, I get free incoming calls! So now I'll have to cut down on SMSing and do the leave-a-missed-call-so-you-call-me-back thing. Lol.

I'm excited but a tad lazy to learn how to use the phone. Plus, I'll need to get a screen protector and case cover. *yawn* But apparently the iPhone is pretty idiot proof and is very easy to pick up. So hopefully I'll figure it out soon enough. :D

The grasshopper is the best!!! :D

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