Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Mom's Nightmare

I think I've just realised what one of my mom's greatest fears is: me having messy hair. Lol. Every time I leave the house, she always checks that I've combed my hair (and of course it's not) or that it's tied up neatly.

Anyway, I washed my hair this morning and quickly toweled it dry. This resulted in a poofy head of maggi mee style hair, which looked quite aunty but I didn't really give a hoot about.

We were heading to the hospital for her checkup and on the way to the train station, my mom mentions that maybe I should get my hair blown at the salon. Waaaa?

So now I've got to fork out 20 bucks to get my hair blown into neat little curls cos my mom thinks I'm too ugly to be seen in public with her. (Just kidding, ma. Calm down.)

I'm sitting here while the guy struggles to tame this crazy head of hair. Ah well. If it makes my mom happy, what's 20 bucks. Heehee.

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